Operation Scarecrow was formed around 18 months ago by a number of individuals who had long been involved in the fight against all forms of abusive content on Facebook. Being utterly repulsed at the absurd levels of child exploitation & grooming, religious and sexual orientation hate, cyber bullying, and many other forms of abuse and hate on Facebook, OpScarecrow was formed as an effective means to bring attention to this scourge of social media.

Right in the aftermath of the very sad suicide of Amanda Todd, the very first order of business was the lobbying of the Clorox Corporation to assist in removing the multitude of abusive content on Facebook directed at this young lady who has been harassed like no other in life and in death, even to this day. Since that day in October, 2012, Operation Scarecrow has grown from a small circle of very concerned individuals to an international network of people from all walks of life.

Ever since that day in 2012, housewives, business-people, teachers, retirees, – people from all walks of life have come together to say that enough had never been done and wishing to bring change to social media safety for children and families as we know it. Ever since its inception at that time, Operation Scarecrow and its dozens of extremely dedicated volunteers have spent hour upon hour every day of the week to report such content, lobby media and governments, tried to get the attention of major media outlets and support those who needed someone to stand by them when they had lost a child in real life to this virtual world.

In July of 2013, OPScarecrow joined up with other activists, NGO’s and groups from around the world to form the Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation ( with the hope that a united front will bring about the positive change we all had been fervently hoping and fighting for.

There is but one simple goal of our rag tag yet very dedicated team – our children. Our sincere and ultimate wish is that children can be safe when using social media. That their parents may feel safe allowing their children on social media. That those who feel the need to exploit, abuse and bully our kids via social media, can be prevented from causing a single further suicide, rape, or grooming for sex – as is all too common as we all know.

Our children have already lost one of the greatest freedoms we enjoyed when we were children due to the dangers on the streets.

Lest we forget, social media is a much bigger danger.

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  1. cathy caddis

     /  May 15, 2014



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